Complete Living Trust Package



$699 ($750 for joint trust)


INCLUDES Review of your Trust with the Attorney

INCLUDES Quitclaim Deed




Easily Protect your Family

from Probate



From the attorney high-priced financial advisers

retain to create trusts for their clients

Attorney James Smith has been creating trusts for people just like you for the past 20+ years. Why not take advantage of his expertise?

We treat you, and your Nevada Living Trust with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. As a member of the Nevada State Bar it’s required of Mr. Smith so you know that it’s more than just words on a webpage; you can actually count on it. Our mission here at Discount Las Vegas Lawyer is to provide you with an actual licensed attorney for your Nevada Living Trust and not just typing of documents – or fill-in-the-blanks kits. And of course, all at a price that makes sense to you in today’s economy!

Trust the attorney that high-end financial advisers turn to when it come time to create living trusts for their high-end clients,  and eliminate that middle man!

living trust attorney          living trust attorney BBB rating

Mr. Smith gave me peace of mind with a Living Trust. He took the time to tailor the trust for my unique needs and circumstances. Mr. Smith is an outstanding attorney and I greatly value his advice.
Sandra R. Vicksta

living trust



  • To avoid probate, you need a living trust if you own a house, no matter the size of your estate.


  • You need a trust if your estate is larger than $20,000 whether or not you own a house.



  • A licensed Nevada attorney creates your living trust and he then reviews it WITH you!
  • We include the quitclaim deed to transfer your home into your living trust!

There is no need to create your living trust yourself using online software when you can get an attorney to write and review it with you for nearly the same price. Your Living Trust and Living Will are two of the most important legal documents you’ll ever need in your life. You must know that it’s too important to leave to software to create it for you, hoping it was done correctly. How can a computer program understand all the subtleties of your life and of the law when it comes to living trusts?



  • A Living Will is an important component of your Living Trust Package.
  • You should not go forward in life without a living will. This is a crucial document that tells your doctor your wishes in the event you should be placed on a life support system. It also names a health care agent to make crucial decisions for you in the event you become unable to make those decisions for yourself.

As you know, life has a way of throwing surprises your way when least expected. Do you really want to be the one without your Living Trust, let alone your Living Will, in place, if life decides to surprise you?





  • * Married Couples $750
  • Review With Attorney
  • Quitclaim Deed
  • Customized to your Needs
  • Ready in 48 Hours or Less
  • FREE Changes After Review


  • 100% GUARANTEE!
  • NOT do-it-yourself
  • INCLUDES Review of Trust with Attorney
  • INCLUDES Quitclaim Deed
  • INCLUDES Pour-over Will
  • INCLUDES Living Will