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Living Trust

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Living Trust

Mr. Smith gave me peace of mind with a revocable trust. He took the time to tailor the trust for my unique needs and circumstances. Mr. Smith is an outstanding attorney and I greatly value his advice.
Sandra R. Vicksta

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Questions About Creating a Living Trust to Protect your Family?



older couple living trustDo you like the idea of knowing your revocable living trust has been created by a real live attorney? Instead of you creating it for yourself using online software?

Would you like to have a conversation about your revocable living trust agreement with that attorney to be sure it covers everything you need?

Do you like the idea of knowing that you can visit the law firm where your trust is being created and meet the staff, and the attorney,  if you wish it? We’re an actual law firm with a street address and an in-office staff. 

Discover the marked difference between using online software that spits out your trust (isn’t it too important for that?) versus having an expert trust attorney with 20+ years of experience craft it for you AND review it with you afterwards to be sure it meets, and even exceeds,  your exact needs and wishes. 

If you want the assurance of working with a highly-experienced attorney, one that high-end financial management firms retain to create trusts for their clients,  and the certainty that your trust will truly contain all that is important to you and your family because you have discussed it with your attorney (all without spending a small fortune), you’ve come to the right place. 

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Make Your Wishes Known by Completing This Easy Form.

We create the trust for you. You won’t be creating it yourself with online software.

living trust by email

The Draft of Your Living Trust Is Emailed to You in 24 Hours or Less

You can now make an appointment to meet with the attorney on the phone or in person so he can recommend any needed changes to ensure your trust is correct in every way for you personally. Any changes he recommends are made free of charge.

review living trust with the attorney

Review Your Trust With The Attorney Who Created It. On the phone or in person. Your choice.

Changes recommended by the attorney to customize your trust after your review are made free of charge (unless you have extraordinary circumstances-less than 1% of clients do).

final version of living trust

You Receive the final version of your living trust. 

You may choose to have your living trust notarized at our office or go to your own notary. Now fund your living trust with our simple instructions.


  • Do you own real estate? Without a living trust, it will go to probate no matter how low its value, evenliving trust purposes if your net worth is lower than $20,000, the lowest net worth amount at which it becomes critical to have your assets in a trust.
  • Do you have minor children? A  complete living trust package, which includes a pour-over will,  is an excellent vehicle by which to name a guardian for your children.

We provide you with a COMPLETE living trust, as well as a review of your trust with the attorney who created it. Mr. Smith makes sure that your trust will work for your specific situation by asking pointed questions during your living trust review, often about things you might not have thought to ask. You can also ask him any question you wish regarding your trust.

After your phone review, any changes Mr. Smith deems appropriate for your trust, based on your review, are made at no additional charge (unless there are exceptional and unusual changes to be made; this occurs in less than 1% of our living trust clients).

protect your estate

OUR GUARANTEE:                                                        

  • Real live ATTORNEY with 20+ years of experience creates your Trust
  • Phone Review of your trust with the Attorney (any changes recommended by him are free or charge)
  • NOT do-it-yourself – NOT a typing service
  • Free Revisions for one year*
  • Includes all documents needed to avoid probate as well as to protect your health care decisions

protect your estate


  • Living Trust
  • Abstract of Trust
  • Pour-Over Will
  • Certification of Trust
  • Trust Funding (Schedule A)
  • Addendum pages for future (minor) changes to living trust 
  • Also Includes a Free Living Will to make your health wishes known.


  • Name successor trustees to handle your trust (this can be the same individual(s) as your beneficiaries.
  • Avoid probate by transferring your assets to your heirs immediately through your living trust instead of leaving it to the state to distribute your assets.
  • Anything that has not been deeded or tranferred to your trust gets automatically transferred to your living trust through with the free Pour-Over Will we include in our Complete Nevada Living Trust Package.


  • Our living trust package includes a living will
  • Decide whether you wish to stay on life-support
  • Choose a trusted family member or friend to make medical decisions for you should you become incapacitated to such an extent that you can no longer make them yourself.